Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Happy Spring!!

With spring comes the all famous winter clean up and out with the old and in with the, well you know. Like many people I talk to all the time everyone has their gameplan for spring cleaning. I thought I would share a check list here for those who are new to the home ownership world, and those of us that get so used to doing the same things, this may shake it up a little bit. Get those winter cob webs off your sandals and stop to smell the flowers.

I hope this helps and that your team whoever you are cheering for does well!! I am a Chicago White Sox fan so I am hoping for a much better year than last year for us.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

 Clean out the garage. Get rid of tools you don't use or that are rusted or beyond repair.

 Inspect the roof and gutter, keeping the leaves and branches out of the gutters will make rainy days easier to handle

 Examine exterior and touch up if needed. Power wash the outside of the house, including windows.

 Drain all sediment from your hot water heater.

 Perform maintenance on home cooling systems.

 Donate clothing that has not been worn for more than two years.

 Using a telescoping vacuum extension, sweep away all cobwebs and dust near the ceilings.

 Wash the walls throughout the house using 1/2 cup ammonia, 1/4 cup white vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda to 1 gallon of warm water.

 Wash all inside windows. Vacuum out the tracks.

 Vacuum/wash/dry clean all window coverings.

 Dust and wash light fixtures and chandeliers.

 Wash all knickknacks.

 Vacuum lampshades. Replace lightbulbs.

 Clean out and reorganize the linen closet.. old towels make great cleaning cloths for the cars and outside furniture.

 With a vacuum brush, remove hair stuck to walls and ceiling by hair dryers and hair spray.

 Deep clean shower, toilet, floor and sink, I love using borax for this. no chemical smell and it works wonders on all sorts of surfaces.

 Inventory the medicine cabinet and toss expired medicines.

 Defrost freezer (if needed) and wash out refrigerator. Toss out expired foods.

 Remove screen on stove fan and wash.

 Clean oven and soak stove rings and drip pans, I put my stove parts in the dishwasher, it sanitizes them and takes away a lot of scrubbing time.

 Go through your kitchen appliances, clean thoroughly and get rid of ones you no longer use regularly.

 Use your vacuum on the front of the coils and motor to remove dust and dirt.

 Vacuum books and bookshelves.

 Launder all quilts, blankets, comforters and bedspreads. Turn mattresses.

 Move all furniture to the center of each room and vacuum thoroughly.

 Rent a carpet cleaner or hire a company to clean your carpets. Don't forget the vents too... allergies are awry in the spring.

 Inventory the contents of each room. Force yourself to get rid of the things you don't need. Donations are always appreciated and you could change someones life with your help.

 Have a garage sale, there are many community garage sales that happen and you can usually jump in for free advertising, call me about the ones we sponsor.

 Put the proceeds toward a family vacation, or visit a local amusement park, water park or favorite restaurant to celebrate the beginning of summer.-My favorite of all is going on vacation and seeing new things!


Hope you found this helpful, Have a suggestion or something you would like to share? Email it to me and I will post your thoughts in a new blog..

Have a great weekend!